+NURBS Module

NURBS Generation Software Module

The +NURBS module provides a route from image data to Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages by fitting Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) to surfaces.

This integrated module uses automatic NURBS patch fitting to ensure rapid conversion of segmented images into CAD-ready models. Preserve the geometry and topology of an original scan, choose from patch fitting algorithms, and export IGES files to CAD.

New in Versions 6.0 and 7.0

NEW +NURBS module fully integrated into ScanIP
  • Autosurface algorithm to easily fit a NURBS patch to a surface
  • Selection of two different patch construction methods:
    • Contour detection
    • Curvature detection
Model Inspection to validate your NURBS patches
  • Inspect CAD geometries before export
  • Identify where spurious features of the segmentation should be removed


  • Fully automated NURBS patch fitting
    From segmented image to CAD ready model in minutes
  • Highly accurate preservation of geometry and topology
    No loss of features between segmentation and model
  • Control of patch layout and control points
    Optimise patch layout depending on the nature of the geometry

Key features

  • Two step process of creating triangulated model preview before fitting NURBS patches
  • Additional triangulation optimisation algorithms to improve input surface
  • Choice of patch fitting algorithms
  • Robust and fast fitting for complex geometries
  • More organised patch fitting for simpler parts
  • Fillet preservation option for feature edges
  • Options to set control points number and density


+NURBS Technical Data

The +NURBS module creates Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) which provides a route from image data to computer aided design (CAD) packages.

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Export Formats

  • IGES (*.iges)

Patch Fitting

  • Two step process of creating triangulated model preview before fitting NURBS patches
  • Additional remeshing algorithm for improving the triangulated surface before fitting patches
  • Choice of patch fitting: curvature and contour algorithms
  • Clever auto surface setting to create optimal fitting
  • Accessibility to advanced options for fine tuning both fitting algorithms
  • Including setting target number of patches
  • Contour approach includes fillet preservation on feature edges
  • Allow control points to be adaptively to patch complexity or constant

Quality Inspection Tool

  • Inspect NURBS model to check for errors
  • Inspect individual patches or clusters of patches
  • Option to show errors (e.g. surface holes and surface intersections) and warnings (e.g. patch distortions)
  • Show distorted patches above a user-defined threshold
  • Click on an entry in the quality inspection dialog to zoom into the specific patch
  • Also pin-points location within the image data/segmentation

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